Month: March 2022

Trauma Therapy to Help Prioritize Your Values

Many of my clients have difficulty living the life they want and need to feel truly happy. They struggle with expectations placed on them by others, feelings of guilt if they put themselves first and most days feel like they cannot catch their breathe. Self-care isn’t selfish- I know it’s a clique but it is true. You need to take care of you to be your best self for your family, friends and career. If this is speaking to you, strap in- I have some Pro-tips for you.

LGBT+ Affirming Therapy in New York

lgbt affirming therapy

LGBT+ affirming therapy/counseling in Smithtown, NY and Bohemia, NY LGBT+ affirming therapy/counseling online across New York State Suffolk Family Therapy offers counseling/therapy to the LGBT+ population. A counselor or therapist that treats LGBT+ people needs to be more than just “gay friendly”.   Being “LGBT+ informed” is ever changing! Our therapists engage in continuing training/education …

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LGBT Therapy in Smithtown NY


Historically, LGBT2SQIA+ couples and families have been excluded from the image of relationships, family, and marriage.  This leaves our community to look within ourselves for help when it comes to addressing queer issues, raising queer families, navigating relational issues, and identity/sexuality challenges that our non LGBT2SQIA+ counterparts face. We are LGBT affirming therapists providing LGBT …

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What is TF-CBT Therapy?


TF-CBT may sound like an intense acronym and a bit overwhelming. We therapists love our acronyms! It stands for Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In everyday terms, it is a trauma-focused intervention that is specifically for people from ages 3 to 18 that are diagnosed with PTSD due to experiencing a traumatic event. The key components …

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Depression Therapist- 5 things to Say to a Loved One With Depression

depression therapist

An estimated 1 in 10 US adults report feeling depressed. Untreated Depression can lead to a variety of problems including relationship problems, workplace problems, and an increased likelihood of the depressed person engaging in risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse. As a depression therapist, I can understand why you may be concerned for …

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Help! My Child’s School Counselor Referred Us to a Therapist- Child Therapy in Suffolk County NY

child therapy Suffolk County NY

School counselors are an invaluable resource to students, parents, and teachers. Counselors provide guidance to help students navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of social, academic, and behavioral development. School counselors also help connect students with the appropriate resources to achieve academic success. Finding child therapy in Suffolk County, NY by a qualified and quality child specialist …

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Are You Uncomfortable with Feeling?


Identify: What exactly are you uncomfortable with feeling? Do you think it’s generalized or do you think that it’s situational? Asking yourself some questions about what you are feeling, experiencing, thinking is a great way to put a label to some of the emotions that are running through your head. But, once you identify the emotion, what do you do with it?