Anika Janssen

Anika (Ann-ik-uh) Janssen

Hey! My name is Anika (challenging to pronounce – don’t worry, I know). I love spending my free time being active in the gym, hiking outdoors, enjoying a good walk with a view and spending time with family and friends. If the weather is just right, you can find me outside playing soccer for fun with friends or playing on a competitive Women’s travel team. When it’s time to wind down and relax, you can catch me binge watching and usually finishing a season of a mindless reality competition series like Survivor.

I love working with children and adolescents who struggle with emotional regulation and behavioral concerns. From working in a residential facility for over 7 years, I have seen children of all different backgrounds, races, and trauma histories. I am always amazed and in awe of children’s ability to overcome obstacles, rise to challenges and their capacity for change. I truly feel there is no such thing as a “bad kid”. Kids are just that- kids. They are still learning and growing and have the choice to change their life trajectory. Many of these youth feel lost, they have low self-esteem, and they struggle with focusing on their future. Working with them to build trust, identify their own goals and help them to see their true potential is what makes me passionate about being in this field. If your child is struggling and needs support to become them individual you know exists beneath the behaviors, emotions and struggles they are facing, I would be honored to help them along their journey.

I received my Bachelors degree from the University at Albany, majoring in Psychology and Sociology before receiving my LMSW at LIU Post. I look forward to helping todays youth gain self-confidence, move towards future goals and communicate their feelings and needs more effectively.

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