Trauma: Healing Your Inner Child

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Experiencing any kind of trauma or distress can cause levels of discomfort within anyone, though what about it is different when it is experienced as a child? To put it simply, there are quite a few differences between experiencing trauma as an adult and experiencing trauma as a child.

Trauma Therapy to Help Prioritize Your Values

Many of my clients have difficulty living the life they want and need to feel truly happy. They struggle with expectations placed on them by others, feelings of guilt if they put themselves first and most days feel like they cannot catch their breathe. Self-care isn’t selfish- I know it’s a clique but it is true. You need to take care of you to be your best self for your family, friends and career. If this is speaking to you, strap in- I have some Pro-tips for you.

Are You Uncomfortable with Feeling?


Identify: What exactly are you uncomfortable with feeling? Do you think it’s generalized or do you think that it’s situational? Asking yourself some questions about what you are feeling, experiencing, thinking is a great way to put a label to some of the emotions that are running through your head. But, once you identify the emotion, what do you do with it?

How to Handle Political Disagreements with the Ones We Love

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Now more than ever, tension between those with differing political opinions is at an all time high. Challenges with the economy, a global pandemic, racial inequality, gun violence, and more-all of these issues have many looking toward a greater entity like our government help find a solution. Frustration, hopelessness, despair, and fear are prevalent, which …

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