Hayley (Hay-lee) McLemore

Hi! My name is Hayley, and it is great to meet you! I am a hard of hearing individual who is bilingual in both English and American Sign Language.  I love the outdoors and spending time with my dog. I am a huge movie and TV show fan and love pretty much everything, but my favorites include Supernatural and Peaky Blinders. Summer is pretty much my favorite season, and you will generally find me outside all of the time. When I’m not with my dog or my family and friends. One thing about me is that I enjoy a bit of everything from music, roller coasters, food, and traveling.

My passion in this field is working with individuals who are struggling with mental health difficulties to find their inner strength and move towards their goals and dreams. My approach is client centered and interpersonal. I have experience working in both the deaf and hearing community and can provide language access in both communities. My primary focus is working with children and adults who have mental health issues, and they feel that there is no place in the world for them to fit in. My goal is to empower them to be the change in their life that they want to see. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and my hope is to support them in that battle.

I attended Gallaudet University for both my undergraduate in Government with an emphasis in Pre-Law and graduate degree for my LMSW. I interned at DAWN, an agency that worked with Deaf victims of domestic violence and Deaf Reach, an agency that works with Deaf individuals with mental health issues. I also have experience working at a non-profit working with individuals with substance use disorders and mental health issues.

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