Leslie Portillo

Hi I’m Leslie! My pronouns are she/they. I’m an art therapist, reiki master, and herbalist. On my spare time I love to be in nature, surrounded by family and friends, and snuggled up with my rescue cats Nova & Henny. I love watching movies! My favorites are Avatar, Harry Potter, and everything Marvel. I also enjoy making candles and herbal tinctures. I am a huge music festival fan and love dancing with friends. I may seem quiet, however I promise you I’m super approachable, caring, and down-to-earth! I enjoy a more holistic approach to life 🙂 I love creating peaceful & healing spaces for myself and others. Sometimes you just need to be silly, laugh, play, and create no matter how old you are!

I have a passion for working with BIPOC & LGBTQ youth and young adults who are struggling with self-esteem, trauma, anxiety, and depression. As a Latina and first generation American, I too struggled with my identity and self-esteem when I was a child. I experienced bullying and racism throughout my school years. Later in life, I reached my lowest point after a rough breakup and toxic relationship. The healing isn’t pretty, but it’s so worth it. Even when life seems impossible, there’s always hope. I also struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome my whole life, so you can imagine how I struggled with my own body. So whether it be physical or emotional, I understand. Even if you may struggle to see your worth today, I’m here to remind you that you deserve peace, self-love, and happiness. I can help you get there!

I attended SUNY New Paltz for my Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts and Hofstra University for my Master of Art in Creative Arts Therapy Counseling. I interned at Nassau University Medical Center with inpatient youth & adult behavioral health. I am currently a Provisional Registered Art Therapist. I look forward to helping brave young adults navigate their worlds, advocate for themselves, and build their self-esteem for a more fulfilling future.

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