Marissa Ahern

Marissa Ahern

Hi! My name is Marissa (pronouns: her/she) and I absolutely love to travel to different countries and appreciate different cultures. When I’m not traveling with my wife you can find me on the couch with my two dogs watching The Great British Baking Show. As a morning person my favorite part of the day is enjoying my coffee before I start the day!

I love working with young people who are overcoming obstacles in their lives, including grief, trauma, relationship stressors and struggles with self-esteem, as well as with couples who aim to improve their trust and communication. I was fortunate enough to receive therapy as a teenager and am passionate about supporting people as they work towards their goals and navigate relationships. I think it’s extremely important to be creative with each person and match session to their strengths and interests to integrate past experiences into their lives so they can feel connected with others in meaningful ways.

I am certified as a Level II Complicated Grief Therapist. Complicated Grief is a prolonged, heightened sense of loss and mourning that prevents an individual sense of healing. I understand that grief is not simply a voyage from which people return to life as usual, so I practice with the aim to restore peoples’ capacity for joy and satisfaction while also maintaining a connection to the lost loved one.

I studied Psychology and Sociology at SUNY Binghamton and received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University with a concentration in Advanced Clinical Practice and Contemporary Social Issues. As a student I was fortunate enough to work with formerly incarcerated women and their children through a trauma-informed lens with Hour Children in Long Island City. I then went on to
support individuals as they navigated the complexities of Family and District Court as a Forensic Social Worker with the Legal Aid Society. I am passionate about working alongside people as they navigate life’s challenges and look forward to holding space to process these experiences together.

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