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Our mission

Our mission at Suffolk Family Therapy LCSW P.C. is to provide exceptional care for children, adolescents, adults, and families with mental health and behavioral concerns. We treat children, adolescents, adults, and families struggling with a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, ADHD, social issues and family challenges. Our clinicians are here to guide you on your path. They strive to help you identify your strengths and resources, work through past hurts and find meaningful goals for your future. We strongly believe in person-centered care and understand that there are many roads to recovery. Let us help you find your path and reclaim your joy.
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Trauma can take many forms whether it be: witnessing/experiencing domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, community violence or tragic loss of a loved one- to name a few. For many, the end result is flashbacks, nightmares, dissociation, irritability, low-self-esteem and feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy is a progressive psychotherapy tool used to enable people to heal from past trauma. It is a commonly misunderstood myth that “trauma” has to mean a life shattering experience, such as rape or war, when in fact the more subtle forms of aversive experiences can have equally or more negative and lasting effects.

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Our clients struggle like you do. Despite being loving, sensitive, and hardworking, life is hard. When they first come in, parents describe daily meltdowns and impossible power struggles. While they love their kids more than anything, they’ve come to dread certain times of the day such as mealtimes, bedtime or coming home from work.

Young Adult

Young adults often feel like they are thrown into the world. From one moment to the next they go from having life taken care of for them to endless paths, decisions and choices – that will determine their futures- that they are expected to confidently make themselves. Pair these huge life choices with low self-esteem and everyday life stressors and many of our clients feel stuck or discouraged. 

Benefits of Working With a Teen Therapist in Suffolk County, NY
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Children & Teens

Just like you, children and teens experience a range of emotions: joy, frustration, anger, grief, sadness, insecurity and more. The environment surrounding the child has an impact on these emotions: parent’s fighting, separation and/or divorce, loss of a loved one, bullying or school issues, dating, peer issues and so on.  


Our sexual identities can be experienced in a variety of ways.  Individuals experience gender from fairly fixed to fully fluid, and sometimes evolving over time.  At time our sexual identities are impacted by other identities, such as gender, race, ethnicity or lived experiences.  Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, MTF, FTM, transitioning, queer, pansexual, asexual or questioning this is a safe space to explore what those identities mean to you.

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Grief & Loss Counseling

Are you struggling to heal and move forward after losing a loved one? Do you often find yourself crying, feeling numb or sleeping too much or not enough? Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, irritability or guilt? Maybe you lost someone you care for suddenly though a suicide or an accident and can’t make sense of the untimely loss. Or perhaps your loved one was very ill and although you knew death was coming, still feel shocked and stricken with grief.


Due to COVID19, we are offering online counseling sessions, until further notice.

While the idea of seeing a therapist online may seem strange and uncomfortable at first glance, I want you to consider the many benefits as well
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