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Trauma Therapy In Arshamonaque

If You Are Searching For a “Trauma Therapist Near Me” in Arshamonaque, NY, Suffolk Family Therapy Can Help

If painful, past trauma is not allowing you to move on and enjoy your daily life, there is hope. 

The key is to seek professional help. The goal of therapy is to help you move past these events, reclaim your life and feel happy again. Today is the perfect opportunity to take the first step to get help for you or a loved one. 

Processing difficult traumatic memories can cause an individual to remain with poor patterns of behavior until facing the trauma. Battling trauma is not a simple undertaking, but it can be worth the effort. The bottom line: every individual deserves to live with inner peace and happiness.

Experiences of Trauma 

Trauma is the result of a variety of experiences but with one similarity. The repercussions of trauma can be exhibited at any time of one’s life. Trauma can take many forms. It may have been the result of witnessing or experiencing domestic or community violence, sexual, physical or emotional abuse or even a tragic loss of a loved one. One thing is clear; Trauma is not the fault of the victim.

Realizing That Trauma is Causing an Effect in One’s Life

Signs that trauma from past painful life experiences may include flashbacks, nightmares, low-self-esteem and feeling disconnected from others and oneself. Perhaps the individual is continually unable to maintain any healthy relationships. A trauma victim may feel constantly on edge, despite the environment. The painful memories of trauma interfere with everyday life. Here is good news: You don’t have to be crippled by anxiety, anger, fear, shame and negative thoughts. Getting help in Arshamonaque, NY is just one phone call away. 

Suffolk Family Therapy is Highly Recommended For Trauma Therapy in Suffolk County

If you’ve been contemplating trauma therapy and have been searching for a “trauma therapist near me,” the professionals at Suffolk Family Therapy want to help you. The mission at Suffolk Family Therapy is to provide exceptional care for anyone with mental health and behavioral concerns. Suffolk Family Therapy clinicians will work hard to identify one’s strengths and resources, work through past hurts and find meaningful goals for the future. 

Suffolk Family Therapy therapists strongly believe in person-centered care and understands that experiences vary as do the paths to one’s recovery. Many of their clients have faced serious situations yet with therapy were able to break through the trauma and thrive immensely. Suffolk Family Therapy therapists wholeheartedly believe that a trauma victim can reclaim their life.

Recovering From Trauma

For an individual seeking trauma therapy, recovery is the primary goal. What is recovery from trauma? Recovery is the ability to not be overtaken by the negative thoughts and feelings that were associated with the traumatic event. Recovery is the ability to disassociate with past events and live with inner peace and tranquility in the here and now.

Suffolk Family Therapy Highly Suggests EMDR Therapy

Suffolk Family Therapy understands how complex trauma can affect an individual. With that in mind, Suffolk Family Therapy specializes in EMDR and other trauma-focused therapies. The professionals at Suffolk Family Therapy want to help guide and support individuals through the journey of processing past hurts and forming healthier connections.

What is EMDR Therapy? 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy is a progressive psychotherapy tool used to enable people to heal from past trauma. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can heal from psychological trauma, similar to how the body heals from an injury. Imagine the trauma causing a block and once the block is removed, the healing can begin. In more detailed terms, by reprocessing the trauma, you are giving your brain permission to make positive associations. You essentially release the emotions linked to the traumatic event. Those negative emotions are what kept you in a holding pattern, unable to live your best life. Through EMDR Therapy, your mind heals itself with guided support from a therapist.

Has Suffolk Family Therapy Seen EMDR as a Successful Approach to Treating Trauma?

Suffolk Family Therapy sees firsthand the success of EMDR as an effective treatment of trauma. In fact, some Suffolk Family Therapy clients can move through to completion in one to two sessions, others will require a slightly longer time period. You see, part of EMDR therapy is to face the distressing memories. Some will face the memories right away while others take a longer path. Either way, Suffolk Family Therapy has seen success.

Who Can Suffolk Family Therapy Treat?

Suffolk Family Therapy treats children, adolescents, adults and families.

  • Parenting – Suffolk Family Therapy can help frustrated parents regain confidence in parenting and build a better understanding of their children and themselves.
  • Young Adults – Suffolk Family Therapy can help young adults navigate through the often challenging, endless paths, decisions and choices.
  • Children and Teens – Children and teens experience a wide range of emotions including frustration, anger, grief, sadness, insecurity and more. Suffolk Family Therapy can assist this age group with these emotions.

Besides Trauma Therapy, What Other Psychological Issues Does Suffolk Family Therapy Provide Therapy For?

Suffolk Family Therapy offers a wide array of therapy in Suffolk County. The Suffolk Family Therapy professionals also handle anxiety, depression, anger management, behavioral issues, family conflict, relationships, self-esteem, self-harming, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, teen violence, transgender, adoption, ADHD and more. Suffolk Family Therapy provides detailed treatment options based on each particular client.

Providing Positive Results to the Local Community in Suffolk County

Trauma victims may find it best to speak with a trained therapist who can provide strategic therapy and life coping skills. If you reside in Arshamonaque, NY and are seeking trauma therapy, you are lucky to have the Suffolk Family Therapy experts available in your local area. Suffolk Family Therapy features a wide array of therapy in Suffolk County, specializing in trauma therapy with real results. 

Suffolk Family Therapy takes pride in offering clients effective treatments and seeing positive results. Suffolk Family Therapy is committed to providing an excellent level of treatment and clients can expect confidentiality and professionalism by the entire team. Visiting a therapist at Suffolk Family Therapy, is a no judgement zone. Therapists know that a trauma victim or anyone suffering a mental health challenge that has made the decision to seek help is truly brave.

Say it, “Today is the Day I Contact a Trauma Therapist Near Me in Suffolk County” 

If you are searching for a “trauma therapist near me” in Arshamonaque, NY, let Suffolk Family Therapy help you find your path and reclaim your joy. Suffolk Family Therapy would like to help you work through trauma, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and other mental challenges so you can start living the life you deserve.

Whether trauma therapy is for you or a loved one, Suffolk Family Therapy is highly recommended. Simply pick up your phone and call 631-503-1539 or visit to learn more or schedule a consultation for trauma therapy Arshamonaque. With help from Suffolk Family Therapy therapists, reclaim your life today.

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