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Trauma Therapy In Kings Park

Kings Park, NY Trauma Therapists Perform Breakthrough EMDR Therapy With Astounding Results

Trauma is the result of a variety of experiences but with one similarity. The repercussions of trauma can be exhibited at any time of one’s life. Trauma can take many forms. It may be the result of witnessing or experiencing domestic or community violence, sexual, physical or emotional abuse or even a tragic loss of a loved one. One thing is clear; Trauma is not the fault of the victim.

Suffolk Family Therapy understands how complex trauma can affect an individual. With that in mind, Suffolk Family Therapy specializes in EMDR and other trauma-focused therapies. The professionals at Suffolk Family Therapy want to help guide and support individuals through the journey of processing past hurts and forming healthier connections.

What is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy

EMDR is a progressive psychotherapy tool, a treatment approach for recovery from trauma and other past life experiences that contributes to emotional suffering. A victim may have negative thought patterns that root back to the traumatic experiences. EMDR Therapy can heal from past trauma, similar to how the body heals from an injury. The individual works to release the stored up negative emotions linked to the trauma. With EMDR Therapy and guided support from a therapist, the mind can heal itself.

The EMDR Therapy Process: An Easy to Understand Explanation

An EMDR therapist helps an individual reprocess a past experience in order to identify present day triggers. This will then help to reduce current psychological and emotional symptoms in order to reformulate new beliefs. And while the past experiences may be emotionally stirring, the desired outcome will outweigh the uncomfortableness of discussing the traumatic event.

How Can a Trauma Victim Benefit From EMDR Therapy?

EMDR therapy has repeatedly proven to heal individuals from trauma. It has also been stated that EMDR therapy may even show positive change in a shorter time than standard therapy. Of course, the individual must commit to the EMDR therapy process and see it to fruition. 

Who Can Benefit From EMDR?

If an individual is experiencing post trauma effects including flashbacks, nightmares, low-self-esteem and feeling disconnected from others and oneself, EMDR therapy should be looked into. A trauma victim may feel constantly on edge and have difficulty keeping relationships because the painful trauma memories are interfering with daily life. Those individuals do not have to be crippled by anxiety, anger, fear, shame and negative thoughts. Suffolk Family Therapy would like to help individuals seeking trauma therapy in Kings Park, NY.

EMDR Success Stories Seen By Suffolk Family Therapy Therapists

Suffolk Family Therapy has proudly witnessed countless successes through EMDR therapy. Many clients complete trauma therapy in a few sessions, while others require extended treatment. A critical part of the time period that it takes EMDR Therapy to be deemed completed, is for the individual to face the memories that have been purposely hidden. Some individuals will immediately face the bad memories. For others, it will be a gradual process. Regardless of the healing journey, Suffolk Family Therapy is pleased with the EMDR success rate.

If You’ve Been Contemplating Trauma Therapy, Suffolk Family Therapy Wants To Help

For anyone dealing with trauma on a daily basis, recovery is achievable. For most, recovery is the ability to not be overtaken by the negative thoughts and feelings that were associated with the traumatic event. Recovery is the ability to disassociate with past events and live happily in the here and now.

The Suffolk Family Therapy mission is to provide exceptional care for anyone with mental health and behavioral concerns. Suffolk Family Therapy clinicians work diligently to identify an individual’s strengths and help work through past negative experiences and set thoughtful goals for the future.

It is the belief of Suffolk Family Therapy therapists that experiences vary as do the road to recovery. Noting that many clients have experienced situations of very serious matters, it is always satisfying to see each trauma victim break through the negativity and reclaim life once again. Suffolk Family Therapy therapists believe that a trauma victim can find inner peace.

What Other Issues Does Suffolk Family Therapy Treat in Suffolk County?

Suffolk Family Therapy treats children, adolescents, adults and families with a variety of therapy treatments. This includes depression, anger management, ADHD, anxiety, behavioral issues, family conflict, relationships, self-esteem, self-harming, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, teen violence, transgender, adoption and more. Therapy provided by Suffolk Family Therapy varies for each particular client’s needs. 

Suffolk Family Therapy can help frustrated parents regain confidence in parenting and build a better understanding of their children and themselves. Suffolk Family Therapy can help young adults navigate through the often challenging, endless paths, decisions and choices. Children and teens experience a wide range of emotions including frustration, anger, grief, sadness, insecurity and more. Suffolk Family Therapy is ready and able to help everyone in Kings Park, NY, whether an entire family, a couple or an individual child, adult or young adult.

 Suffolk Family Therapy Wants Trauma Victims to Live a Better Life – Right Now

If you reside in Kings Park, NY and are seeking trauma therapy, you are lucky to have the Suffolk Family Therapy therapists in your area. Don’t accept feeling bad each day. Face your trauma and speak with a trained professional who will provide you with strategic therapy and post trauma life coping skills. Suffolk Family Therapy features different types of therapy for different types of mental challenges in Suffolk County.

Suffolk Family Therapy is fully committed to offer the highest quality of treatment. Clients can rest assured knowing they will receive the utmost in confidentiality, respect and professionalism by the entire Suffolk Family Therapy staff. The environment at Suffolk Family Therapy is a no judgement zone. You will be made to feel comfortable and at ease throughout your scheduled appointment. Suffolk Family Therapy takes pride in offering clients effective treatments and seeing the most amazing and positive outcomes.

Say it, “Today is the Day I Contact a Trauma Therapist Near Me in Suffolk County” 

With help from Suffolk Family Therapy in Kings Park, NY, reclaim your life today. The Suffolk Family Therapy therapists want to help you find your path and move forward with your life. You will be provided with the right tools and the right therapy to work through trauma, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and other mental struggles so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Suffolk Family Therapy is a highly recommended group of therapists in Suffolk County. Whether searching for therapy for you or a loved one, call 631-503-1539 or visit to learn more or schedule a consultation for trauma therapy Kings Park.

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